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Maxville Productions is always listening to insure that your audio needs are being met, we also read.

Please use this form to give me as much information as possible about your project. This way I can create a budget that best fits your needs. There is NO OBLIGATION, this is merely to gather information so I can get an idea about  your project and create a plan that suits your  needs. Thanks in advance! 

Start Your Project

Upload your files with this form!
Just add your files and let me me know what the best email is to reach you and to send your files back to you.  As soon as I finish polishing things up I'll send you a link to download your files.  

These are some basic guidelines to help you prepare your session for a successful mix. They aren’t steadfast requirements, but it would be helpful so that I can spend my time polishing up your project, rather than fixing things that weren’t done correctly.


  • Session format

I use Pro Tools to mix. If you are using Pro Tools, in any version or format, you can simply send me your session and I will be able to load it without further changes. For software instrument tracks please bounce them in place as audio. 

  • Bounce your tracks

If you are using another DAW, such as Logic, Ableton, etc. then you will need to bounce out your individual tracks as WAV or AIFF files. I prefer 24 bit WAV, but if you are already using another format, that’s fine. Consult the user documentation for your DAW for explicit instructions for bouncing tracks.

  • When you bounce your tracks, please bring the faders to unity gain (0).

If your faders are very low, the resulting bounced files will also have a very low volume. Also, please remove any effects such as reverbs or delays. The only exception to this is if it is an effect that is an integral part of the sound (for example a sweeping filter on a synth). When in question, just bounce two copies of the sound, one with the effect and one without.

Most importantly, make sure each audio file is bounced from the beginning of the session, even if that means there is blank space. This way, everything will line up correctly when I import the files into Pro Tools.

  • Send me the session files

Once we book your mix, you can upload your files with the upload portal below. If you have another method you prefer to use, that’s fine too.

Session Preparation 

Session Prep
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